#Q1 How do I wear my wig for the first time?

  1. Remove wig from the plastic bag. Gently remove the protective hair net from your wig. Give your wig a few good shakes to separate the strands & give some body to the hair. Some wigs need to be shaken to release the pre-set styling.
  2. Brush your hair away from your face and secure a wig cap in place, tucking in any extra hair.
  3. Hold your wig at the sides with the woven label in back. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back. Adjust the wig as needed so the front edge is just over your natural hairline. Use the ear tabs to centre your wig from left to right. If the wig is too tight undo the hooks at the base of the neck and try again. If the wig is too loose move the hook up a level and retry the wig - repeat until comfortable.
  4. Tuck in any stray hairs at the front, sides and nape. Use a soft brush to style.


#Q2 Can I cut my wig? 

Of course! A little trimming is usually harmless. However, if you are considering restyling or thinning your wig, we highly recommend you take it to an experienced hairstylist who can offer professional advice & help. 


#Q3 Can I color my wig? 

Wigs that are 100% human hair can be colored & bleached up to color 27#. Please make sure to use quality hair dye, in order to achieve better effect.


#Q4 How do I know if a wig will fit?

All of our wigs are unisex sizing and will fit a head circumference of up to 22.5”. Our wigs are also adjustable using the hooks at the nape of the neck. Find the right setting for comfort and confidence. If you’re uncertain about it, place a tape measure around the widest part of your head and measure the circumference, if it's under 23 inches you will find all our wigs comfortable. 


#Q5 Which hair products can I use on my wigs?

Wigs do not receive nourishment from the scalp, so they need more care than regular hair. Careful maintenance is essential. Therefore we recommend protein-rich shampoo & conditioner to compensate for the lack of nourishment.


#Q6 My scalp is sensitive:can I still wear a wig?

Our wigs are designed for comfort. They are made with latest generation, high quality materials. All mesh are made of cotton and the caps are breathable.

In rare cases even the best materials can irritate sensitive skin. In case of irritation, we recommend using an undercap to protect your skin. For persistent problems please consult a pharmacist。


#Q7 Why is it important to have more than one wig?

We suggest you keep at least two wigs with you at all times. The first and most obvious reason is that a wig will last longer if it is not worn every day. Secondly, there may be times when you need a substitute such as when you wash the wig it will take time to dry, or when it is off for repair.


#Q8 What is the best way to stock my wig?

We recommend storing your wig in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, This will help preserve the color and prevent accidental damage. To avoid knotting and maintain the shape of the cap, store the wig on a mannequin head. Use only the officially recommended brushes and products for the care and maintenance of your wig.


#Q9 What are the delivery times for standard orders?

Our wigs are ready for immediate dispatch to meet even the most urgent demands. We use express shipping methods that takes normally 3-5 workdays to your doorstep.


#Q10 Can I go to sleep with my wig on?

Yes, it is possible to sleep in a wig, but it is important to note that it will wear out faster. There're two reasons. Firstly, the time of use will be almost double (worn for 24 hours rather than 12 hours a day). The second reason is friction – the hair will rub on the pillow during sleep.

If you want to sleep in a wig, we suggest you use a silk or satin bonnet/pillowcase to reduce friction.

If it's a long inch wig, we suggest tie the hair up to keep from tangling during the night.


#Q11 Can I style, straighten and blow dry my wig?

Our wigs only use high quality human hair, so it is possible to style the wig just as if they were the hair growing from your scalp. However, heating tools such as blow dryers and curling iron will cause damage to hair over time. Make sure not to eapply heat on the hair for too long. Also use conditioner to help maintain hair essence.


#Q12 How often should I wash my wigs?

We advise washing your wig once every 7 days or when it seems dirty. As a rule of thumb, if the hair tip stuck into strands, it is time to wash the wig.


#Q13 What is Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig?

Lace Front Wig: "Lace Front Wig" or Front Lace Wig only has lace in the front of the wig .its made by half hand and half machine.

Full Lace Wig: "Full Lace Wigs" are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace as well as lace all around the perimeter of the wig. Its made by full hand. Full lace wig can with strap and combs.


#Q14 What does Density refer to?

The density refers to how thick the hair is. Our wigs are generally 150% density while looking as full and thick as the 180% density you can find on market. Also we can customize higher density as per your request.


#Q15 What is the difference between Swiss lace & French lace?

Swiss lace is finer and softer than French lace. Swiss lace is with better and natural looking to match the skin. French lace is a bit thicker and more durable for use. Both two types of laces can be dyed to match different skins.

Our lace products are fully imported Swiss lace.

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